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Our journey in life is not always an easy one. Its the road less traveled. As Christians we are not spared from life's troubles and at times it comes from places we least expect it. The peaks and valleys of our journey is not one we need to do alone. Seeking wise counsel, sharing burdens and allowing others to speak into our life may be sought out. As Christian Psychologists and counsellors in Brisbane we think it a privilege to share this and assure you of respectful, non judgmental, confidential, tailored support.  

Whether it is related to family issues, marital discord, separation, parenting challenges, depression, anxiety, separation, leadership issues, burnout, abuse, church relations or other, call us to schedule an appointment or book online.  


If seeing a psychologist and you would like to take advantage of Medicare rebates, please visit your GP first to see if you qualify for a Mental Health Care Plan which will subsidize up to 10 sessions per year.  It will not cover all of the expense but provide you with a rebate. Please bring this plan to your first session at Brisbane based Christian Psychologist at Child and Family Psychology Manly West.

Alternatively private insurance rebates may be available, simply check your policy for psychology service rebates. Also NDIS funds may be available if you have a package or are exploring a diagnosis for your young child.


Brisbane Christian Psychologists and counselors are based at Manly West, past the dentist reception desk, simply take the stairs.

We are open  with flexible hours by appointment. 


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All relationships face difficulties. Sometimes we are able to resolve our issues with hard work and other times our problems may resolve over time. If you've had troubles in the past and have managed to resolve these - that is fantastic! However, if you have tried to problem solve and your attempts have been unsuccessful - couples or marriage counselling might be the way forward. Often times, we get stuck in patterns of communication, behavior and interactions in our relationship, and a couples counsellor can assist you in recognizing these patterns, getting unstuck, and moving forward. 

The step towards booking in for an appointment may seem large - it involves admitting that things are not going well. This can be a scary and painful process. To make this step easier for you, we are happy to speak to you on the phone before booking an appointment. This way you can ask questions and determine whether our clinic is a good match for you. Our couples counsellors give couples a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space to explore difficulties and work toward a better relationship - one where both partners feel heard, understood and where they are working as a team toward a satisfying future.


Medicare rebates available          No bulk-billing                Registered with AHPRA